How to obtain JSON/RSS feed for Facebook Pages without OAuth/GraphAPI

Facebook killed their publicly available RSS feed for Facebook Pages couple of years back in favor of their walled garden approach (GraphAPI). For example, if you go to it will ask you for a valid access token which you can get obtain via OAuth Authorization which entails quite a few steps. If you just wanted to display/parse any Facebook Page feed without going through those hoops you are out of luck!

I found myself in a similar situation recently and after some Googling I was able to figure out a workaround. Here’s how it goes:

1) Go to

2) Put the username/vanity url of the Facebook Page in question in the request bar and hit Submit. For example, if you wanted to get a feed for: you would put “nike” without quotes in the request bar and click on Submit. (Make sure GET request is selected in the drop-down)

3) Grab the id from the results below and paste it in this URL:[FACEBOOK-ID-GOES-HERE]&format=[rss20|json] So for example, if we wanted JSON feed for Nike’s Facebook page, we’d go to:


You can do the same with Twitter (officially supported):[rss|json]?screen_name=[USERNAME-GOES-HERE]&include_rts=[1|0]

So for example, if you wanted to get JSON feed for Nike’s Twitter, you’d go to:

Happy Hacking!

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