About a year ago I bought a domain with the intent of building something cool for a fun learning experience. I ended up picking a short 5 letter domain name which is derived out of the verb ruddle which means to twist or braid together or interlace. Based on that name, some service which aggregates news (kind of like Flipboard) sounded like a good fit.

Then one day, I came across this image on reddit:

That pretty much hit the nail on the head. Every time I browse reddit I end up opening every single imgur link in a new tab. So I figured why not just create a site that will show me all the reddit links in a better layout.

That’s how ruddl was born. I developed it using Ruby/Sinatra, JavaScript, Redis, and Websockets (via Pusher) and hosted it on Heroku. It basically parses every link on reddit and tries to fetch a relevant thumbnail or text associated with that link and lays it out in a easy-to-view masonry style layout.

Let me know what you think ->

Happy redditing!

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