Here’s a couple of projects I’ve been tinkering on in my free time:


A simple auto update script utilizing Slim (a PHP micro-framework), incron (inotify cron system), and Github post-receive-hook.


Reddit client built using Ruby/Sinatra, Redis and WebSockets. Features the ability to see top comments right on the page, browse other sub-reddits / sections. All while auto-updating every 30 seconds.


Travel planning/organizing tool. Lets you plan, organize and share your travel itineraries. Built using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and AngularJS.


A Google Maps experiment built using AngularJS to show POIs between two locations. Helps find ATM, bank, convenience store or a cafe while travelling from point A to B


A live connection with the International Space Station using data and visuals built using Node.js and KnockoutJS in collaboration with Marcus Edvalson