Here’s a few projects I’ve been tinkering on in my free time:

Commit Hawk (2019 - Present)

Watching a repository on GitHub tells you about social activity (e.g. PRs, issues, etc.), but it doesn’t notify you about file-level changes that you and your team might care about.

For example, when an external vendor merges in their work, or when a critical part of the codebase is changed, or when new dependencies are added, etc

Commit Hawk fills that gap.

Technologies: Ruby/Sinatra

Crypto Table (2018 - Present)

A Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies to help classify various blockchains in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

Technologies: VueJS & NodeJS

MetaShift (2018 - Present)

Easily customize link previews on social media. No more waiting for the IT department to edit code so you can share a page. With MetaShift you can customize your link preview yourself. Absolutely no coding. Built in collaboration with Marcus Edvalson.

Technologies: VueJS & NodeJS

LowOrbit (2014 - Present)

A live connection with the International Space Station using data and visuals in collaboration with Marcus Edvalson.

Technologies: KnockoutJS & NodeJS

ruddl (2012 - Present)

Reddit client featuring a masonry grid layout with the ability to see top comments, browse other sub-reddits. All while auto-updating every 30 seconds.

Technologies: Ruby/Sinatra, Redis, Backbone.js & WebSockets

SlimJim (2012 - 2015)

A simple auto update script to update multiple development/test environments every time someone commits to their respective GitHub or BitBucket repositories.

Technologies: Slim (a PHP micro-framework), MySql & incron (inotify cron system)

Travelizer (2013 - 2014)

Travel planning/organizing tool. Lets you plan, organize and share your travel itineraries.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB & AngularJS

ByWay (2013 - 2014)

A Google Maps experiment to show POIs between two locations. Helps find ATM, bank, convenience store or a cafe while travelling from point A to B.

Technologies: AngularJS & WebSockets

GhRepoStats (2014 - 2014)

Gem to fetch the most active repositories for a given event & time range on GitHub utilizing the GitHub Archive project.

Technologies: Ruby