• Seasoned full-stack developer from sunny Los Angeles. Started my programming adventures at an early age, writing code for fun.

  • Architected & developed dozens of high traffic websites for various major brands, start-ups and small businesses.

  • Used a variety of languages and frameworks to get the job done ranging from Django/Python to ASP.NET/C#. At the moment, enjoying Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, and PostgresSQL

  • Passionate about designing great software while being pragmatic about achieving code perfection.

  • Fan of all things minimal. Starting from the way I write code (aka KISS, DRY & YAGNI) to this short domain name.

  • Co-founded and lead engineering at a digital agency before. Experienced in team building & technical leadership by having been part of several start-up founding teams.

This Site

  • Technology playground and blog to discuss and share things that interest me or just things that I learn in my everyday job.

  • Head on over to my blog to read about what I’ve been grappling with lately or to the projects section to see what I’ve been tinkering on in my spare time.

Getting In Touch

  • Always open to discussing new ideas and opportunities. You can reach me through any of the channels on the left. Thanks for stopping by!